Are You a Micro Entrepreneur?

A micro entrepreneur is generally defined as a small business owner employing nine people or fewer, and having a balance sheet or turnover less than a certain amount depending on the location of the business.

About Us

The Computer Lab (Nigeria) (“Complabng”) is a Consulting Platform offering free consulting services to micro entrepreneurs on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and legal issues. We provide a platform where professionals in the areas of ICT and Legal services can connect with micro entrepreneurs and vice versa.

The creation of Complabng was borne out of the empathy we have for micro entrepreneurs to ease the multitude of challenges they face on a daily basis. At Complabng our goal is to provide up to date ICT tools and skills to help these categories of people increase their operational competence and optimise performance. Furthermore, we would help cut cost on ICT-related problems via provision of reliable, cost-effective solution specific to their needs. We provide this service to them without charging them a dime.

Legal Advice

Get free legal advice from our seasoned team of legal practitioners on business name reservation, incoporation, contracts, intellectual Property, trademarks, and many more.

InfoTech Tools

Run your business from the comfort of your home with various infotech tools. Our tech team will guide through the process of selling your business idea to the world through the internet.

Get Trained

While we help with setting you up or troubleshoot queries from our micro entrepreneurs, we also provide you with the opportunity to learn how to resolve problems on your own for free.